Crafting Books That Make a Difference - with Dr Emma Hepburn

Season 2, Episode 54,   May 12, 11:35 PM

What’s it like to be published by a ‘big 5’ publisher? How can you find time to write when you have a job, a young family…and a global pandemic to contend with? These are just a few of the questions I ask this month’s guest - Dr Emma Hepburn - aka @thepsychologymum. 

Emma is a clinical psychologist with expertise in neuropsychology who has over 20 years of experience working with and treating mental health difficulties and working with brain conditions in both the NHS and private sector. 

She is the author of four books, including “A Toolkit for Modern Life,” “A Toolkit for Happiness,” and “A Toolkit for Your Emotions.” She has been featured on the BBC, in the Huffington Post, and the Sunday Telegraph and has a regular column in Psychologies magazine.

During our brilliant chat, we discuss:

  • Emma’s author journey, including her experience working with one of the Big Five publishers - Hachette - and why she believes great books come from having a great team around you.
  • Why we can struggle with imposter syndrome as writers - and often don’t even call ourselves authors, despite having written several books. 
  • The opportunities that being an author has given her -  helping her spread her message further - and why timing played a part in the success of her first book - March 2020, anyone?
  • How Emma managed to fit in writing during the years of COVID - particularly when working for the NHS - and the different experiences she had writing each of her books when it came to time management!
And LOTS more!

I’ve been a big fan of Emma’s since I started reading her monthly column in Psychologies magazine - not to mention her artwork on Instagram, which is incredible at demystifying the brain and giving her audience practical tools to help with their mental health. 

This is a wonderful conversation, so I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed having it!

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