Sell More Books! Maintaining Sales Momentum Beyond Your Launch

Season 2, Episode 55,   May 19, 11:26 PM

Selling books goes far beyond launch week - but you know that, right? The challenge can be sustaining momentum and enthusiasm for your book so it continues to sell way past the first few months of its life. 

It’s something I see time and time again from authors I work with - but it’s also something I’ve struggled with myself.

In this episode, I share some of my best strategies for long-term sales success — from people I’ve worked with (hello, Sunday Times bestseller) and also from authors I follow. 

During it, you'll discover:

How to sustain enthusiasm and motivation for long-term book-selling
  • Practical strategies for both online and offline sales - it’s packed full of stuff you can start doing today!
  • The simple way in which a bestselling author continues to successfully promote her book on Tiktok and Instagram - years after its release
  • Why I believe long-term selling is challenging for authors and how you can use so much of the content you already have to keep talking about your book long after it’s released.
And LOTS more!

Selling books long-term needs a strategy - you can’t wing it or assume you’ll still have as much excitement about your book two years from now. But in order to keep sales coming in, you have to keep talking about it. 

This is an episode that’s going to help you get on top of your selling game - and you’ll walk away with so many fresh ideas and strategies, you’ll be chomping at the bit to get started.


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