OR 14 - Scrounger and Luna - Joe Goldston

Apr 24, 03:22 PM

Order of Battle Podcast special episode Operation Recall - Joe Goldston with Scrounger and Luna! 

Last year, Joe and Jason sat down to chat about The Operation Recall characters Scrounger and Luna. Joe has been a part of the behind the scenes team, helping to capture video and audio, and he’s even quite a bit of fan writing and idea pitching for the brand storyline. Joe’s journey is unique and humble, but also as hungry as the other Concept Creators. 

This is a great conversation and a great figure. Make sure this figure is on your list when it finally lands in hands and back in convention and online stores! 

Pay attention to the Operation Recall project: https://www.operationrecall.com/

Joe’s Anatomy, part one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNujc-pJ4to

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