Formerly titled "Indian, American", American Desis is a podcast geared to discovering what it means to be a South Asian in this country today. The hosts, comedian Akaash Singh and actor Arjun Gupta, employ a fresh, funny, and vulnerable style as they investigate who we are today and the issues we will face tomorrow through engaging interviews and compelling discussions.

They interview guests ranging from young South Asian professionals in diverse, new, exciting fields to established veterans of the traditional paths who paved the way. But understanding that the immigrant experience is not singular to Desis, our hosts consciously speak with immigrants from other lands about their experiences. Arjun and Akaash even interview white Americans and other non-desis about their perspectives and experiences with South Asians, to analyze the issue from every perspective.

Akaash and Arjun serve as guides on what will be an inevitably messy but fulfilling journey of discovering who they are and through that, who WE are.